LAL-Test Pyrogen-Test

Pharmalab Basic System

The Universal Pharmacy Laboratory System

The Pharmalab-System comprisees of the following components:

Pharmalab Main Station

This contains the software, the databases, all PDF-files, a connection to the backup-system and to the remote backup-server. All date are located on the server.

Pharmalab Remote Backup

Once a day, all data are copied to the Remote Backup Server. If no Remote Backup Server is available it can also be copied to a the worksation.


Overview The browser is used to access the application. No components of the Pharmalab software are installed or stored on the clients. Only a PDF-Reader is necessary.

Measuring Stations

They are connected to the server via a network. The Pyrogen measuring station as well as the Gemini-server (TECAN) are connected to the network.


the Pharmalab System is delivered as stand alone, however it is possible to integrate the system into your Intranet Solution without problems. Also a remote-access possibility is integrated, so that we can help you at all times if required.


Phamalab uses PostScript color-laserprinters. These are connected to the Depending on your choice documents can be printed ether manually or automatically.

Since all measuring-interfaces are connected to the server this means that a test can be started and performed directly or indirectly from the server. A workstation is not needed for a test itself. The server talks to the measuring stations, and they answer.

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