LAL-Test Pyrogen-Test

Pharmalab Basic System

The Universal Pharmacy Laboratory System

Due to the electronic signature it is a closed system, in which the user can simulaniously see how a test is running while entering data or reading the results. So it is not necessary to print out all reports alltough this is possible. The server produces PDF-files, that can be opened with any PDF-Reader like the Acrobat Reader.

Every interaction with the Pharmalab system is done by an internet browser and thus Pharmalab is available in the whole intranet.

User Management

Usermanagement Allows an administrator to:

Sample and Task Management

Helps you to administrate your samples in an easy and efficient way. No further manual documentation is necessary! In case of the LAL appliance, the task management helps you to allocate the samples to plates and assigns you all correct dilutions according to predefined master sample configurations. In case of the Pyrogen appliance, the complete sample and animal management is organized and the assignment from sample to animal is done automatically.


The system does all reporting for you. You can print out several documents or send them directly as pdf via e-mail. Examples of documents: List of new entries, Task List, Test Report, Sample Report, ...

Test reports and sample reports are signed electronically by the operator and the supervisor. No manual signing of hardcopies is necessary.

All changes, all logins and interactions are logged and audit trailed.

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